Since brevity is the soul of wit, my thoughts on Terrell Owens skipping the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony should not take very long if you understand the simple fact that words mean something, but actions make you feel something more.

At the risk of stating the obvious, Terrell Owens is a first ballot Hall of Famer and it was absurd that some writers chose this platform to demonstrate just why some of these writers are far too petulant and sophomoric to be entrusted to determine the ultimate legacy of the games greatest players and performers. But what people see in T.O. as recalcitrant, I see a person who is on the right side of an argument that should never have been. Owens makes us ask why is acceptance the default?

It has long been understood that there are many deserving players who are not in the HOF, in other words, they already don’t get it right.   So why bring attention to yourself by leaving an obviously deserving first ballot candidate off of your ballot? The answer is simple, to bring attention to yourself.

My Grandma Vera always said, “people only do stupid things because they are dumb enough to believe that they can get away with it.” The NFL did nothing, the HOF did nothing, and the writers, the HOF and the NFL were all dumb enough to believe that Owens would let them get away with it. Well, I applaud Owens for saying no, you can’t add your narrative to my legacy. Owens actions further makes the statement that, you can vote, but he has a say as to how or if your vote is accepted.

Owens’ action while unprecedented in football is not unprecedented in entertainment. How many times have you seen an artist/actor/actress win a Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, et al., only to hear that the winner is not there and someone will be accepting on his or her behalf? Why is the HOF piling on and taking it so personally? What harm would it do to show a montage of Owens and his accomplishments, is this the proverbial tree falling in the woods that doesn’t make a sound? Because you don’t mention him, is he still not in the HOF?

Hopefully, now you understand why you are on the wrong side of this argument, if you just choose to accept the headlines and ignore all the players in this ridiculousness that should have never been. You see, Owens’ actions point out once and for all, that the writers are childish, hypocrites, who should not be able to wield such power by themselves, when it comes to how we view a player’s value to the game he played. Owens’ directs the spotlight towards the HOF and reminds us that the “Hall” is a stage but the players should remain the show. This time, if don’t agree with Terrell Owens, you can’t be right.

Congratulations to Bobby Beathard, Robert Brazile, Brian Dawkins, Jerry Kramer, Ray Lewis, Randy Moss, Brian Urlacher and of course Terrell Owens.

photo credit: Terrell Owens’ Facebook Page