The Urban Meyer Story allows us to be confused if you choose to let it confuse you. The story is supposed to be about domestic violence, but there is no way to know to what extent Zach Smith is truly an abuser, as the truth lies somewhere between his wife’s story, her mother’s story, and his story. But the “story” not withstanding, this is a domestic abuse story and furthermore, how we continue to miss these teachable moments.

There is not a single person who could hear the stories being told and believe in any way that Urban Meyer had no idea that there could be something going on with his coach and his wife and did absolutely NOTHING!

In order to believe Meyer’s story, you would also have to believe that his wife is also a liar and for the coach to allow us to believe this story about his wife’s contribution to his ignorance makes him a horrible human being by any definition, what MAN puts his wife in that position? Asked and answered.

You see the lies lie in the fact that nothing was done, because if he did do something when his wife told him what she learned, (and she did tell him), we would have a contemporaneous account of the events that Ohio State University collectively is now lying about.

This is about common sense and your belief that Meyer is a truth teller and not the liar that he comes across as during any part of this matter and its investigation. Meyer has to stop straddling the line of convenience when it comes to his participation in the NFL Plan 88, or is he the football savant that Buckeye nation seems to believe that he is as their football coach. At least Rodger Clements confessed to “misremembering”, Meyer wants us to believe as a matter of convenience that he lacks the capacity to remember.

But it remains an utter and disheartened joke, that the sports society as a group actually cares about domestic violence when perpetuated by those involved in the sport. We seem to have no outrage until there are two dead bodies found on Bundy Drive, or brain matter is found in a Kansas City stadium parking lot or TMZ shows a video of a tale already told and even then we lack the requisite follow through. So, why would Urban Meyer find a need to admonish his coach, of if he found any truth with regards to domestic abuse, why would he see the need to just self report?

Well Buckeye nation can answer that question and Urban Meyer knew the answer before he lied. Domestic violence can not, does not stop the machine, if WE don’t think it is important, why would a football coach from a power five conference care when Oregon State was looming. I am not for people just loosing their job, but at some point, we have to get serious as to whether as a society and more specifically as a sports society we want take Domestic Violence seriously.

By the way they won, one week of outrage and Meyer is back on the job and two more weeks before he can once again roam the sidelines, the “nation” can only pray that he misremembers how he once lead and learns to lead. Might be a tall order if he is truly a horrible human being.

photo credit: CNN