I never liked mock drafts, mainly because they lack any accountability.   Has anyone checked how Mel Kiper has done over the last ten years? I think not, most people just take his prognostication for the entertainment value that it is supposed to be and they go on with life never holding him accountable for the crappy personnel on your team and ultimately cheating your team of any chance of winning a championship.

The weekly NFL power rankings are equally absurd, as they perpetuate the myth that throughout the season, all thirty teams have a chance to get better.  Well, they don’t all get better. I decided the fans need honesty, there needs to be clarity on how good your team is this season. But if this lucidity is going to be provided, then it needs to be done correctly.

First of all, you will notice that my Supreme Teams Rank (STR) only includes twelve teams.   It is stupid to rank more than twelve teams, because only twelve teams make the playoffs. Ranking past twelve gives the fans the ultimate participation trophy.  If you don’t have a playoff spot, all twenty of those teams are in the same place — just an earlier exit to last place, to be joined by nine other teams before it is all said and done.

So my STR deals in reality and with one quarter of the season over, and armed with the knowledge that the Bucs and the Browns are the only two teams that have not made the playoffs this decade.  You will see that the STR has few surprises, as good teams find a way to play good and bad teams just remind us that losing is a habit that is hard to break.

Here is the first of five STR for the 2018-2019 NFL season;

There is nothing to point to the New England Patriots not winning the AFC East once again. The Pats have a way of just holding serve until November thru the end of the season.  When they are that good, the team finds a way to play better. The Cincinnati Bengals are ahead in the North because they are, dare I say, the most consistent team in the division and with unmade bed, which is the Steelers, providing no competition because of their defensive struggles, Cinn should remain in the STR when it is playoff time. The Jacksonville Jaguars win the South.   They are the most talented team in the division, and with Tenn being the only meaningful completion, J’Ville will win enough games in and out of conference to win the division and remain in the STR for the season. The Kansas City Chiefs are the most improved team this year because of their offensive explosiveness. They will have to continue to win even without stellar defensive play.  While the AFC West is competitive, KC wins and its not close. When it is all said and done the Los Angeles Chargers will make the playoffs.  You can’t bet against Phillip Rivers and they get more healthy on defense as the season goes along.   Finally, the Baltimore Ravens get the final playoff spot, and don’t be surprised if their record is not better than a division winner.

In the NFC the Philadelphia Eagles win the East. The Giants are really bad in all phases, the DC team is simply not believable and will never win as long as Jay Gruden is the head coach.  And the Cowboys are like an old rock band (think REO Speed Wagon) that hasn’t had a hit in thirty but the fans keep thinking this is the year they win a Grammy. The Green Bay Packers will win North, mainly because Kirk Cousins is a fraud.  The Lions are about three years away if they still have a quarterback. The New Orleans Saints will win the South because they are the most consistent team in the division and it is their ability to run the ball that makes their passing game so explosive. The Los Angeles Rams win the West and might be the best team in the NFL. I remember having a conversation with Kevin Demoff.  He was discussing his “franchise” QB and I told him it was too early to anoint Goff a franchise QB.  I also told him for Goff to be successful he would need a healthy running game as well as an opportunistic defense.   Well, as right as I am, I am also wrong, because Goff could very well be a franchise QB. The Chicago Bears make the playoffs, and could very well win the division, because they figured out that defense truly wins championships.  Their defense is a good blend of age and youthful enthusiasm, but more importantly, they make their offense forgiving by giving them more possessions per game than their opponents. The Atlanta Falcons get the final position in the STR and keep hope alive, but still very unlikely, as the first team to host a Super Bowl.

So there you have it the first STR, I reserve the right to reseed quarterly, but unlike Kiper, hold me accountable.

photo credit: Keith Allison Dak Prescott via photopin (license)