On today’s show, we spoke a little about the NBA resting players in light of the news that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver sent a memo to team owners about the issue. The memo mentioned the significant penalties that teams stand to face if they continued resting star players during nationally televised games. Silver’s memo didn’t come as a shock to anyone. It’s become a noticeable practice to the point where it’s borderline abusive if you ask me. As much as it’s about the athletes, the NBA is also about the money — it’s a business. Sponsors pay huge amounts of money for ad space. No one’s watching a game where their favorite players aren’t on the court. Who cares about the other guys? It’s not a hard fix either. I’ve been there before, I get it, but this is isn’t a minimum wage retail job, game schedules are pre determined well in advance. Here’s my solution, teams can decide when it would be best to rest players ahead of time and give the proper notice. It’s that simple. Speaking from an NFL standpoint, the NFL has certain rules in place to protect against this type of thing, they’re called bye-weeks. Every team gets one during the regular season. Think of it like a “day off” but instead a “game off”. Listen, I get it, I do. What good are all star players if they’re burnt out but come on, business is business.” There is no reason why this bye-week system wouldn’t work for the NBA.

photo credit: ben_lei Lebron James via photopin (license)