Last night was the 2017 NBA Draft. Let me say first that I’m happy for the kids that have been given this great opportunity. Whether some guys, in particular, should have gone ahead and withdrawn their name from the draft because they just weren’t ready, that’s another discussion. Congratulations to the guys nonetheless. In other news, Lavar Ball has finally been drafted. Oops I meant Lonzo. With how much Lavar runs his mouth I’m not sure who exactly was the one that got drafted last night. In all seriousness, it’s great that Lonzo’s been given this opportunity to play for the team of his dreams. He’s an incredibly talented kid, there’s no doubt about it and he could really be a great asset to the Lakers. I’m ready to see him show out and prove himself in the big leagues hopefully without that dark cloud looming over him — his daddy. Listen, I’m ready to call the racial draft — it’s time. On behalf of the black delegation, we will be trading Lavar Ball for a future option. I have had it with Lavar Ball, I’ve said it over and over again. I mean it. His level of ignorance is incomparable. I get what he’s been trying to do, he’s created some buzz around his kid, promoted to an extent Big Baller Brands and he’s succeeded — I guess. Except, now his kid is in the big leagues. From this point on, no matter how much talking daddy does, Lonzo has to show up and play. He has a lot to live up to and I hope he’s ready for that. You know what’s funny though? Lavar actually thinks that all the talking he’s been doing over the past few months is what’s gotten his son drafted. As if no one is going to look at the tapes and the tapes don’t lie. Players don’t get drafted because their daddy goes on tirades about how good they are, they get drafted off of talent which Lonzo does have. Up until last night, one thing has been true, timing has been in the Ball’s favor. He happened to be the second best in his draft class, the Lakers happened to have had the second pick and didn’t want the third, fourth or fifth best kid in this draft class. Lavar needs to finally give Lonzo the chance to open his own damn mouth in an interview for once. Lavar can’t run up on coaches and cuss them out anymore. This fool’s going to have to sit down and be humble (yes that was a Kendrick Lamar reference) and let his son prove himself.