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My kids are my blessing, Dylan Sinclair, Daryn Sean and Danya Seanah: my Raison D’etre.

Financial Advisor

Sean was a Vice President of Investments at Dean Witter Reynolds Inc. (“Dean Witter”) in Beverly Hills, California, where he and was recognized as one of the top equity producers in the Beverly Hills office in 1995 as well as throughout the company.

In 1996, Sean established AMAROQ Financial Services LLC (“AFS”). AFS was affiliated with a member firm of the National Association of Securities Dealers Inc. His capacity of Principal came following a 8-year tenure at Dean Witter in Beverly Hills – with extensive knowledge of retirement plans and client management. Sean held series 7, 63 and 65 as well as insurance licenses, and was recognized as a 401k Retirement Specialist. He was also registered with security and exchange commission (SEC) as Registered Investment Advisors (RIA).

Super Bowl Champion

Sean had a successful professional football career, playing in the National Football League for 13 years. He earned a reputation as one of the premier defensive linemen of the League and received numerous accolades and honors, including, All-Pro and Pro-Bowl. He culminated his career being recognized as 5th all-time in sacks at the time of his retirement and also winning the biggest honor of them all as a member of the 1996 Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers, the final year of his career.

As a player, Sean has received his team’s nomination for the Byron “Wizzer” White Award, which recognizes the player who has made contributions to team, community, and country, as well as a two time recipient of his team’s lineman of the year award in addition to the John Mackey award for the leagues top performer at his position when he lead all defenders in sacks with 15 1/2.

A True Team Player

Sean was very involved with the business of football. He was the youngest NFLPA player representative in league history while a member of the Los Angeles Raiders and was the team’s spokesperson during the strike of ’87. As a member of the NFLPA’s negotiation team, Sean recommended a 401k plan for players, which also benefited the owners. A 401k plan was subsequently made a part of the global settlement with the owners of the NFL; there from creating step two of the NFL Player’s Career Savings Plan. In 1989 he founded the National Football League Player’s Association (NFLPA) finance committee and co-chaired that committee for several years. Additionally, Sean represented the NFLPA in meetings involving the Players/Owners Operations Committee (POOC), a committee involved in governance of collectively bargained rules, as well as the player representative on the Competition Committee, which creates the rules of playing field.


In addition to his professional football and business career, he has been the owner of several businesses including Entertainment & Sports Management (ESM). Through ESM, Mr. Jones successfully negotiated well over 150 million dollars in contracts from 1997 to 2004. ESM has had at least one player in the first round of the NFL draft since 1998.

Since retiring from the NFL in May 1997, Sean has also embarked on a successful radio and television-broadcasting career with Turner Sports Network, as an analyst with the FOX Sports Television Network, produced and co-hosted Between The Lines for radio in Wisconsin and has also guest hosted many nationally syndicated radio talk shows. He is currently the co-host of The Bottom Line, an evening drive time sports talk show on iHeart Radio’s sports talk 790 in Houston.

Fun with the Super Bowl Champions

The Bottom Line
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Facks About Sean

My second year in the league.  My first year I spent thinking I was going to be cut.

Northeastern chose me, it was my only place that gave ma a chance to walk on.

I made sure I finished college and graduated with my class, that was very important to me.

I really did not care, I had no clue about the league.

That I did not play there longer, but there was nothing not to like.

I loved playing in Houston… great teammates and I grew a lot as a person and a player.

I was never cold for some reason.  On the field it was warmer than most people think, plus we were always moving.

Probably 25-30 or so, but Gilbert was the consumer.  I think he got in the triple digits.
No favorites, I hated them all. There wasn’t anyone that I wanted to sack and didn’t, but I missed a sack on John Elway that cost us a game.  It still eats at me!
I ran and did Tae Kwon Do, I was not a big weight lifting guy.  Now I try to get in the gym at least three times per week, not much running though.

Like Christmas day, you look under the tree and ALL the presents are yours.  YES!!!  It was the perfect end to my football career!

I’ve been involved in financial/business consulting, real estate development, an agent, NFL front office, radio and television.
I love spending time with my kids, seeing movies and traveling.

photo credit: Green Bay Packers